Mermaids for Hire

Meet the Sirens

Mermaid Rebecca

Mermaid Rebecca MacKay has over 12 years of professional mermaid entertainment and underwater modeling experience. She is also an avid free diver with a current breath hold of two and half minutes.

Rebecca has a strong aquatic background as a swimmer, lifeguard and swim instructor. In addition, Rebecca is a skilled performer as both a dancer and gymnast, with years of experience in choreography and coaching competitive gymnastics.

Rebecca is also a costumer, designer and can transform any venue into a unique and magical, interactive entertainment space.

Rebecca has entertained in an array of venues: from kids’ parties, to corporate events, amusement parks, to music videos and TV show appearances, to comic cons and charity events.




Mermaid Mer-Shell

Mermaid Michelle is an avid water lover and has been a certified SCUBA diver since 2002. She holds specialty ratings as an advanced, nitrox, deep, and rescue diver. 

Mermaid Michelle's scuba experience includes diving with sharks, dolphins, and shipwrecks. She's also a PADI certified freediver with a breath hold time over 3 minutes.

Mermaiding and underwater modeling are a fulfillment of her love of all things aquatic and she's available to travel for speciality shoots. Mermaid Michelle is also a licensed wedding officiant in Ohio, Louisiana, and Florida. She has performed nearly 200 wedding ceremonies and is available to make your wedding day a unique and memorable experience. When she's not wearing a tail, you can find her chasing sunshine, looking for that perfect beach, or fantasizing about Key West.

Mermaid Mera Jade

Karin Weston had the incredible opportunity to begin mermaiding at age six when her mother made her a swimmable fabric tail. As a professional mermaid, she now uses a silicone tail or a fabric tail both made by Mertailor. She loves how mermaiding gives her opportunities to educate on topics like conservation while entertaining the public. 

She is a certified scuba diver and has dove or snorkeled in Italy, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. 

During her nine years in museum education and event planning, she gained extensive experience in educating and entertaining children and adults through programming and events in museums and at an aquarium. 

She has also performed at events and festivals such as the Utah Renaissance Festival and the Salt City Steam Fest. Additionally, she is an artist and can do face painting for parties and events. 


Mermaid Tami is a professional mermaid available for parties and events and trade shows. 

Tami is based out of Ohio but is also available for travel. She began her mermaid career in 2015. 

Mermaid Tami swims in a custom Tail of Art made by Mermaid Kariel, in addition to having two sequins tails made herself and a FinFun tail. 

She has also designed a line of handmade Mermaid Doll as well as Mermaid Magnets and Ornaments that are available at all her shows and on her Etsy Site.

She is also a underwater model, bikini model and Mermaid Life Ambassador. You can learn more about Tami and follow her adventures via social media: 



Insta:            @mermaidtami1

Photos by Jonathan Neil Facebook